Lisk Homes, Custom Home Builder and Remodeler – Lake Forest, IL


Customers come to Lisk Homes because of our reputation for making their life easy and organized.  With all the details of a job; the bidding and the contract, dealing with so many subcontractors, scheduling material purchases and deliveries, working with the various building departments, and assisting the customer with their numerous selections; it is easy to accept the complexity of managing a job and understand that things might not always go so smoothly.  Our belief, though, is that the customer should never be aware of all those details.

The philosophy at Lisk Homes is that our customers have a contract with us and that they should only have to deal with us and that we will bring in other resources only as required.  We are continually shocked to hear the many items left out of contracts and total cost by other general contractors because it is a “customer supplied” item.  Or a homeowner is dealing with suppliers to confirm order details and delivery schedules.  Or a homeowner pulling together the paperwork to submit to a village for permit and then follow it through that system.  From permit application to final cleaning, we are your general contractor and it is all a part of our job.  If a customer wants to do part of the job themselves or buy an item while they are out or traveling, that is great.  We hope that our customers will enjoy the process in any way that suits them best.  We want this to be a fun process.  The customer should only have to deal with the things they want to or have to.  Let Lisk Homes deal with the rest.

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